Day 50 - Wise Children - exuberant live theatre for the bereft.

I first saw Emma Rice's / Kneehigh's work in Belfast as a student - The Red Shoes -and I loved it. It was funny, visually stunning and forgivably uneven. And I feel that about most of her productions - some I love more than others, Brief Encounter and Rapunzel for Kneehigh, and A Midsummer's Night Dream Emma's opening production for the Globe Theatre London during her tenure, being amongst my favourite.

Wise Children - the first production for Emma's new company of the same name is well worth a watch. It harnesses all that is joyful in her work.

You can watch it here on BBC Iplayer for the next couple of months, and to see if it might be for you have a look at the trailer and synopsis below. :


A decadent and often surreal story of twins from a dysfunctional family who pursue a career performing as showgirls. 

Loved by audiences and critics since its premiere at The Old Vic, London, in 2019, Wise Children is an unapologetic celebration of the highs and lows that come from choosing to experience life to the full, come what may.

Filmed live at the York Theatre Royal in 2019. 

Contains some strong language and sexual content.

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