Day 52 - The Trip - be part of a short comic film

Told by an Idiot are a fabulous theatre company led by the brilliantly funny Paul Hunter. Here they are inviting you to join them in making a short film, from wherever you are now:

As part of our Idiots In Isolation programme of activity, we are excited to announceThe Trip, your chance to be involved in an Idiot short film...

Why do we laugh when people trip over, is it a basic human impulse?

Here’s someone making a right Charlie of themselves as a bit of inspiration...

Inspired by Idiot collaborator Jos Houben’s acclaimed one man show The Art of Laughter and the final scene of Giuseppe Tornatore’s award winning film Cinema Paradiso, The Trip is an invitation to film yourselves tripping over, in the lounge, in the hall, in the garden (if you have one), then send it to us at Told by an Idiot for the chance to be included in our short film. The more inventive the better (be careful of course)!

Send recordings to via wetransfer, we can't wait to see what you come up with.

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