Day 43 - Talent behind the bar!

Updated: May 1, 2020

When I worked at the Traverse as a student, we used to joke that there was more collective talent behind the bar than elsewhere in the building. Cheeky, but not necessarily untrue - given the number of us on bar, box office and ushering. As always, those who work off our stages are as talented as those who work on them - we just don't always get to see them in action.

But now you do! Here's Lora, Michael, Eleanor, Colin and Ruraidh all great musicians who work with us at Horsecross as part of the equally talented catering team.

Lora MacLeod

Hi everyone, my name is Lora MacLeod and I’m a singer songwriter originally from Oban and now living in Perth. My family are very musical and I’ve been singing from the age of 8, started to learn the guitar when I was 13 and this pushed me to start writing my own material. After studying Popular Music at Perth college for 4 years, I gained a lot of valuable experiences and knowledge. I met some incredible and like-minded people that I have learned so much from which has helped me become the musician I am today. I am now part of a fab wee duo called ‘Katie & Lora’ and we’ve been playing together for nearly 2 years, doing gigs and writing our own material which we are hoping to release very soon!!! I Hope you all enjoy this video of ‘Katie & Lora’s most recent live session, recorded at Gracenote Studios. 

‘Katie and Lora’ live session @ GraceNote Studios:

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings is a singer from Perth, Scotland who graduated with an honours degree from the Academy of Music and Sound in Glasgow. His music is a style ranging from pop, blues and soft rock. Michael released his debut EP ‘Home’ in 2018 which can be found on all streaming sites. Here he is covering Lennon's 'Yesterday':

Eleanor Hickey

Eleanor Hickey is a 21-year-old female singer/songwriter who has been writing songs since she was about 12 years old and has dabbled in many genres, with her style reflecting R&B and Pop influences. Originally from South Uist in the Outer Hebrides, Eleanor has now just completed her studies at Perth College UHI with a Degree in Popular Music. Eleanor finds writing songs therapeutic and necessary for expressing her thoughts, opinions and experiences. She describes herself as an Alternative Pop musician with R&B influenced vocals. Eleanor plays original material and accompanies herself on the Nord Stage Compact, however has recently got together with her friend and colleague Andrew Mcallister; where they have both been experimenting with instruments like the Nord Stage Compact and Fender Jazz Master, which add interesting tones to each song. You can hear this come through in Eleanor Hickey’s debut single ‘I’m Tired’ below:

Colin Ronald

Colin is a singer/songwriter from Campbeltown on the west coast of Scotland. Since moving to Perth, Colin has established himself as a member of Perth's music scene, and could be spotted playing songs that everybody knows and loves in some of the city centre's music venues:

Ruaridh Litster Campbell

Hailing from the West Coast, Rumskee uses its eclectic lineup of fiddle, pipes, whistle, guitar, vocals and piano to produce a frenetic mix of traditional tunes, songs and dances. While the influence of Jazz and blues is apparent, Rumskee retains a recognisable West Coast sound.

Since releasing their debut EP in 2018, Rumskee has continued to expand its audience playing Gig in the Goil music festival, supporting Heron Valley at their single launch and competing in Celtic Connection’s Battle of the Folk Bands:

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