Day 297 - Stars in Our Orchestras IV - Nikita Naumov, double bass

The SCO has many star soloists in its ranks, but it is easy to forget the bass section. Nikita Naumov is an extraordinary musician. He has been principal double bass with the SCO since 2010 and those of you who regularly attend their concerts will have noted the extraordinary commitment of his playing. He is totally involved in everything he does. The bass section is a rather wonderful combination of youth and maturity as the other member is Adrian Bornet who, while discreet about his age, is the longest standing member of the orchestras which was founded in 1974!

Some years ago we had a bit of a disaster when a bass part for a Fauré's La Bonne Chanson was forgotten in London. Nikita ended up having to play it of off a scanned pdf sent to an Iphone!

Nikita live from his living room version 1 click here

Nikita live from his living room version 2 click here

To see Nikita in virtuoso action follow this link

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