Day 8 - Missing Our Famous Scones?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Baker Louise Healey tells you how to make your own!

While working with us last year composer Gareth Williams and director Wils Wilson raved about our scones.

'Best scones in the whole-scone world' Gareth Williams.

Louise shares her secret, on the proviso you come back and eat them with us!

Cheese Scones

You'll need:

1 lb self raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

4 oz stork (or any spread suitable for baking with!)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp mustard powder(if you have it)

Half pint of milk

Around 4 oz strong cheddar plus extra for topping

Then :

Mix flour and spread together until it resembles bread crumbs

Add all the other ingredients except milk and stir

Add milk until it resembles a firm dough.

Roll out and use a cutter or cut into shape of choice!

Top with cheese.

Cook at 180 degrees c for around 15 minutes.

Leave to cool

Easy as that. Oh, and you need Louise's magic touch - but you have time to perfect that.

Louise Healey Baker

Louise started baking professionally at the age of 16. She had a weekend job at Dobbies of Perth while she was a school and in university. She has a degree in psychology and sociology which she says comes in very handy for the day job! She has worked in a wide range of catering contexts - her skills include making ice-cream and celebration cakes. For the opening of one of our children's shows Animals by Greg Sinclair, made with primary school children across Perthshire - Louise made a range beautiful fairy cakes with animal faces on them.

Her favourite cakes to make have peanut butter in them. We'll be sure to have some ready when we reopen our doors!

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