Day 92 - Beats by Kieran Hurley

One of the productions I am most proud of at Perth Theatre was A Six Inch Layer of Topsoil and the Fact it Rains which was our rural tour in 2018. It was developed through conversations with Perthshire locals - principally farmers - about the land and how we use it. It was shaped by writer Kieran Hurley, a brilliant craftsman, and thoroughly lovely companion in our rambles (both linguistic and peripatetic) around Perthshire.

Kieran wrote a film which opened last year based on his earlier stage play. The film was directed by Brian Welsh and starred Lorn Macdonald and Christian Ortega. It is well worth watching. Set in small town central Scotland in 1994 it is a surprisingly touching coming-of-age tale about friendship and loss, and I loved it. And the young leads are going somewhere - you saw them here first.

You can find it here:

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