Day 89 - BBC Scotland Radio Drama Recommendation

I worked for 5 years in-house at BBC Radio Drama Scotland, developing and directing plays, abridging and producing readings, occasionally making documentaries. It was an apprenticeship in working with writing and writers, and I loved it. I have continued to make radio as a freelancer ever since.

Good radio drama gets under your skin because so much of it happens in your head - to quote an old adage, on radio the pictures are better.

I am often told by listeners that they don't know how to find great radio. So here's a tip-off. Co-written by a company of Scottish writers, produced by Radio Scotland, and including a cast of brilliant Scottish actors - including two leads who have played Perth Theatre in the last couple of years.

Inspired by detailed research and conversations with the remarkable forensic psychologist Dr Gwen Adshead, this is unusual crime drama exploring not the who but the why.

This Thing of Darkness is a seven part series click here to listen.


Alex … Lolita Chakrabarti Hannah … Jessica Hardwick David … Robin Laing Laura… Shauna Macdonald

Series created by Audrey Gillan, Lucia Haynes, Eileen Horne, Gaynor Macfarlane, Anita Vettesse and Kirsty Williams.

Series consultant: Dr Gwen Adshead

Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane and Kirsty Williams

A BBC Scotland Production directed by Gaynor Macfarlane and Kirsty Williams

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