Day 80 - The Death Of Robert The Bruce: Bruce Fummey

As well as being a great stand-up, Perth comedian Bruce Fummey is also an avid Scottish history buff and an ex-teacher. In recent years, he's combined all these skills and interests in a series of live shows built around different aspects of Scottish history and as a unique guide for his bespoke tours across Scotland. Today, he strikes a more serious tone as he commemorates the death of Robert The Bruce, Scotland's Outlaw King, on June 7th 1329.

"In 2006 I performed my second run on the Edinburgh Fringe with About Tam O’Shanter, and every year thereafter I explored a different aspect of Scottish history and tried to relate the story with a bit of humour. This led to me doing some tour guiding and now in our confinement, trying to tell tales from Scottish history in bite-size chunks every Saturday morning. Sometimes I tell the stories with jokes, but the subjects don’t always lend themselves to humour. For example, I’m not sure it would be appropriate to commemorate the death of a heroic king that way although last week I looked at the murder of Cardinal Beaton from the point of view of a detective story. The nice thing about YouTube, and our current circumstance, is that I can create 10 minute pieces, put them out there and see if people enjoy them. It doesn't quite have the immediacy of stand-up in front of a live audience, but it keeps the creative process active for me and hopefully educates and entertains anyone watching."

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