Day 71 - The film lover’s choice!

Perth Film Society have been stalwarts of Horsecross since 2006. Their loyal audience has grown substantially since moving most films to the hugely popular Joan Knight Studio, with its state of the art sound and vision.

John Wright, chair of PFS, says that despite the disappointment of having to abandon the last 2 films from the Spring 2020 season, PFS is planning to return with a cracker of a programme hopefully later in the year. In the meantime, PFS has been posting twice weekly film trailers from the back-catalogue onto their Facebook page. These films are ones that the committee has really loved and the full version is always available on-line, in case you missed them, or would like a second watch.

But one film has emerged as a massive top favourite overall ….. Nae Pasaran …… “none shall pass” or, as we said in Scotland, “On yer way, Pinochet!”

This wonderful documentary was one of PFS’s top grossing screenings when it was part of the Spring season this time last year. The story is about the decency and moral courage of Rolls-Royce workers who, in 1974, fought fascism from East Kilbride. What they couldn’t know was that their 4 year boycott of repairs to fighter planes had successfully grounded half of Chile’s Air Force. The director is the Scotland-based son of a Chilean exile, and his excellent film will ensure that this powerful, up-lifting and totally true story of solidarity will be never be forgotten.

Watch the official trailer here:

Now download or stream the movie and prepare to shed a tear !

If you would like a shout-out for any other films from the PFS archives please message via the Facebook page above, or email at saying what it is that you especially love about your choice.

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