Day 64 - The Talent Behind the Bar 3

Ginger Ramsden is our Heath and Safety administrator and an artist who has been 'painting, drawing, and crafting since she was old enough to hold a brush' . This is a time-lapse video of Ginger painting the piece which became The Heron.

Ginger Ramsden - Artist

Ginger's passion for capturing the world around us and her life in theatre really kicked off while living in the grounds of the Yorkshire Sculpture park for three years studying at Bretton Hall College for the Performing arts. Since then she has had a long career in the arts working in the installation and service of technical theatre equipment to children theatre and crafts workshops, In the last few years her art work has been in several exhibitions across Scotland and used to raise money in charity auctions for wildlife and cat charities.

Ginger's Website

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