Day 54 - An Actor's Choice No. 6 Barrie Hunter!

Usually dressed head to toe in something fabulous, turn the prism slightly and this is Barrie Hunter from a different angle.

Continuing our thread of actors we love, talking about plays they is Barrie Hunter talking about and performing Shakespeare's King Henry Part III

This play precedes Richard III which some of you may have seen at Perth in 2018, and the moment Barrie plays here is referenced by Richard in the second scene of Richard III.

And here Barrie performs bloody Richard Gloucester...

Barrie has been dame in the Perth panto for the last 9 years, directed the last 2 and wrote Sinbad last year too. He is writing Cinderella for Perth 2020/21. He is part of the Dundee Rep Ensemble, and has been an actor for 25 years.

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