Day 492: Thank you

Since our doors closed last March, we've tried to find different ways for those who want to join in with theatre and music projects to keep doing so.

We've run online workshops so that Perth Youth Theatre, the Gordon Duncan Experience, Glee, Horsecross Voices, Dance for Parkinsons, Let's Dance, Vocal Chord and Little Stars can keep running; we've set up Climate Cafe so local people can come together discuss climate justice and find out more about arts projects happening around COP26; we've delivered creative activity packs to care homes and older people; and we've taken Gig on a Truck to care homes and schools across Perth and Kinross so that live music and storytelling can be experienced by some of those most adversley affected by the pandemic.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has take part in our projects. Thank you for turning up, thank you bearing with us as we learnt how to work under these new conditions, thank you for riding the technical difficulties, thank you for your optimism, your creativity and for bringing joy and hope to our weeks. It has been a total pleasure to ride the storm with you.

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