Day 487 - Attention - Festivals in Progress

Next week we present Live and Unlocked - our summer festival with something for everyone from classical to comedy and from theatre to children's shows. Given the last 16 months it is pretty hard to believe we are actually going to present live shows to real people in that wonderful buzzy atmosphere that festivals bring. It is not an impossible dream. Festivals have and are happening. In my classical world the Bath Festival, Norfolk and Norwich, Brighton, East Neuk, St Magnus and Paxton have or currently are happening. Paxton being particularly cunning by relocating events before 19th July across the border into Berwick to take advantage of more relaxed English regulations. The large festival which gets missed is the Ryedale Festival which is on at the moment and worth serious consideration as a place to spend a few days in the sunlit (we hope!) uplands of 2022. It takes place in stunning venues in North Yorkshire including the breathtaking Castle Howard. It presents artists as good as you will enounter anywhere - their first live concert after lockdown was our own Nicky Benedetti. Taking place from 17-31 July this year they are up and running. Good luck to them.

The Ryedale Festival

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