Day 486: Pitlochry & Blair Atholl Pipe Band: A National Treasure, 2010

This is a wonderful fun piece from the hugely talented Pitlochry & Blair Atholl Pipe Band, led then and now by Pipe Major Christy and Pipe Sergent Sharon Kelly. It was filmed in Perth Concert Hall at the 4th National Treasure concert in memory of the late, great Gordon Duncan in Sep 2010.

The Pitlochry & Blair Atholl Pipe Band was formed on 1st November 2004 by a group of local musicians intent on developing the Pipe Band concept to cover all Celtic music, including Brittany where the band has competed and has a strong link with Breton Bagad Sonerien an Oriant.

The Band is led by Pipe Major Christy and Pipe Sergent Sharon Kelly, who have an impressive record of achievements at World level with both junior and senior pipe bands, ensuring that the tuition given will be of the highest standard.

Players of all ages are encouraged to play in the band, never needing to move from the local area in order to pursue their musical ambitions. The Band is rapidly becoming a strong and healthy organization, which is already growing from strength to strength and will be permanently based in the Pitlochry & Blair Atholl area.

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