Day 481 - Roberto Cassani: Tpot Studio Session

This wonderful session from Roberto Cassani accompanied by Ross Ainslie, John Somerville and Owen Nicholson was recently recorded in Perthshire's famed Tpot Studio. It features 3 tracks from his brilliant new album Ansema We Stand, which beautifully combines his native northern Italian Rivoltano dialect with the sounds of his adopted Scottish home.

ANSEMA WE STAND This is FOLK music! This is WORLD music! Here, two geographically small, yet culturally gigantic traditions meet and help each other to deliver a unifying message. The traditions are those of Scotland, my adopted home, and Lombardia, in Italy, my birthplace.

The message however is universal: cultural integration and community are essential to survive and flourish, especially in hard times, such as now. ANSEMA (Together) WE STAND. WHY SCOTTISH FOLK MUSIC? - Because in Scotland I have found a home, love and family. - Because Scottish folk music possesses a wonderful simplicity, which hides almost immense depth, based on improvisation, quest for innovation and respect for tradition; much the same underpinning principles as jazz. - Because the Scottish musicians on this album are truly world-class. WHY MY ORIGINAL LOMBARDY DIALECT (dialetto Rivoltano”)? - Because I wish to promote an endangered minority language, that has never before been celebrated in art. - Because I wish to express universal sentiments in a “language of the people”, to remind ourselves that deep feelings are felt by all, no matter how small and peripheral. - Because my dialect is the language of my heart. - Because I love all dialects: they are expressive, immediate, musical and honest. - Because I think that the musicality of its words are a perfect match for the sounds of Scotland and together they convey a feeling of modern community.


"Roberto Cassani’s blending of his native Lombardy dialect, his jazz background and many of the traditions of Scottish folk music provide the bedrock for his album Ansema We Stand. It works tremendously effectively ...bringing the synthesis of Lombardia and Scotland beautifully together”. RnR Magazine

“Cassani’s debut is an entrancing journey between his Lombardy origins and Scottish traditional music. A charming album of genuine and excellent musicianship”. Songlines

“A riveting, highly entertaining listen, expertly played and bursting with a humour that shines through…a fabulously entertaining album.” At The Barrier

“One of this year’s big surprises…this recording is irresistible...exquisite Scottish-Italian collaboration". FolkWorld

“An exquisite set of songs...a terrific ensemble and they truly carry off the premise of celebrating the two cultures.” Blabber’n'Smoke

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