Day 475 - No Planet B

Perth Youth Theatre are performing a brand new show this weekend called No Planet B in one of Perth's green spaces.

The show has been created by the young people working in collaboration with visual artists, designers, writers and dancers. It is inspired by the fight against climate change. A host of characters from scientists, to the planet Mars, to a social media influencer, will guide audiences through the past, present and future in an inspiring exploration of humanity's relationship with climate change.

Due to the format of the show, and Covid-19 restrictions, there is a limited capacity for performances, so it is being performed for a small pre-booked audience and residents local to the park. However, if you want to catch it the young people will be sharing their creative process and a short film made during the dress rehearsal with attendees to Climate Cafe on Tuesday 27th July - so get your tickets now! (FREE click here).

Here are some of the young people who kicked off the project early in the Spring - and the growing rebellion they lead!

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