Day 473 - Who would be a Festival Director in 2021

One of the great delights of being a festival director is choosing the very best artists and programmes and sharing them with your public. I run the Lammermuir Festival and, because of COVID it is almost easier to come up with a list of artists who have fallen by the wayside. All will return in the future and we have a stunning line-up to announce at the end of July, but as the spring and early summer has passed various major ensembles have had to be deferred. Shows not at the Lammermuir Festival this year include Les Arts Florissants, The Kopelman Quartet, the Michelangelo Quartet and, to my great sadness cancelled this very morning Quatuor Mosaiques. The level of madness is underlined by the situation with our as yet unnamed artist in residence. He is American. We may lose him of course but we have another as yet unnamed understudy. we are betting that, if we can't get our American here our replacement will be similarly banned from going to Belgium. And I thought this used to be simple.

The Lammermuir Festival programme of artists who can get here will be announced on July 27.

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