Day 471: No Planet B's Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Design

Last week we welcomed our first Perth Youth Theatre groups back into the building. This week we are gearing up for a live, in-person, outdoor Perth Youth Theatre performance!

We've been working on No Planet B online since January; an exploration of attitudes, knowledge, action and hope for climate justice. This week we get to bring the young cast into the theatre where they will bring the wild and wonderful characters they have created to life in rehearsals, before we relocate to Jeanfield Park by the Riverside Stadium for performances.

Creating a show about climate change immediately calls into questions theatre's standard practice when it comes to designing and making costumes and sets. It is quite usual to create and buy items for a specific performance and then never use them again. Often they sit in storage for years, as more shows are made and more materials are purchased. This is not sustainable. No Planet B enabled us to challenge this wasteful way of working.

All images by Katherina Radeva

Our Deisgner, Katherina Radeva, has done a marvellous job of creating a bright, bold, energetic design from materials Perth Theatre already owned. Katherina and our Head of Costume, Louise Robertson, have adapted and tailored costumes from past shows for our young performers. Our Production team have reused wood, paint and other materials already in stock to fashion the smart and simple set. A few charity shop purchases have been made, and a couple of items have been bought new to pull the whole thing together, but we hope to find another life for these things in future shows.

And all of this has furthered our conversations on how we as a theatre work more sustainably, reduce our waste, reuse materials; and how we factor the need and desire to do all this into the conception of a production, rather than as a hasty after thought.


Audience capacity for No Planet B is limited, but if you're interested in the show and hearing more about its sustainable design you can join us at our next Climate Cafe on Tuesday 27 July.

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