Day 454 - Becky Sikasa: Tpot Studio Session

Beautifully recorded in Perthshire’s famous Tpot Studio, this 3-song freeform “off pop” piano-and-vocal session from Scottish-based German artist Becky Sikasa absolutely blew us away on first hearing - and continues to do so after many, many plays. Take a few minutes out of your day and we’re sure it’ll do exactly the same for you. Remember where you heard her name first…

Joy, pain, and everything in between: Becky Sikasa delves deep to tie her heart to her words. With a voice that is as versatile as it is grounded, she paints soul searching scenarios encouraging the listener to find answers to questions they didn’t know needed asking. Trails of vocal harmony weave effortlessly through colourful arrangements to complete explorative, vibrant off pop tracks.

"Lockdown has been a strange time to start a new project! Not having the ability to play shows and find my feet as a solo artist has been a little tricky – people connecting with and through music is the reason I love what I do, and live performance is the lifeblood of that connecting – but at the same time, I might not have developed and evolved in the way I have in the past year, with regards to my writing and production, had there not been these circumstances. I'm more excited than ever to be closing in on releasing what I've been making and getting in a room and actually sharing it with people! I'll definitely be releasing some of the songs from the live session at some point soon, too!” Becky Sikasa Situated near Path Of Condie in the Ochill Hills in Perthshire, Tpot is a residential recording studio started by singer Sam Brown and producer Robin Wynn Evans, who still runs operations. The studio features a large live room and vintage analogue equipment while the residential part is a recently refurbished 4 bedroom schoolhouse next door - accessed via a secret bookcase door! It has an open fire in each room, a large roll-top bath, two reception/relaxing rooms and a newly installed hot tub with amazing views!

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