Day 450 - The RSNO returns to Perth

Given that there has been no orchestral concert in Perth for the last 15 months you would have thought that communication between the hall and its resident orchestras would have been minimal. Not so. we have done much filming work with the SCO and not a week has gone by without a conversation with the RSNO. This has always been along the lines of 'as soon as it is legal and possible we will be on our way to Perth to play for our wonderfully loyal audience' And they are as good as their word!!

Setting up orchestral concerts normally takes at least 15 months lead time. So when I received a phone call on 27 May at midday asking about a performance on 18 June we did need to move rather faster than normal. Perth dropping from level 2 to level 1 last week means that we are allowed up to 200 people in the hall and lo and behold, having presented the first classical concerts with audience in Scotland since lockdown we are now presenting the first orchestral concert. The programme is a delight and I really hope to see you there!

Read all about it and book now! RSNO Live: Welcome Back! (

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