Day 433 - Yesterday was very special

25 May saw the first performance to a live audience in Perth Concert Hall since 15 March 2020. An astonishing thing to write. There were a number or wonderful moments. We applauded the first members of the audience as they came through the door. There was the video in the hall of what had happened at Horsecross during closure with all our activities both online and outside with our Gig on a Truck initiative. There was the rather wonderful moment when the Radio 3 Announcer interviewing the soloist said 'look Jess, PEOPLE!' The event ended in controlled farce with a photoshoot of Jess Dandy taking a selfie of her and the audience to celebrate the fact that there were real people in the hall.

Incidentally there was a rather wonderful recital. Jess is one of today's most exciting young singers and Malcolm Martineau one of the world's very finest accompanists. And most important of all there was what people have missed more than anything - a sense of community. We were all together again - and this was a day we will never forget.

You can hear the concert here

You can read the Herald Review here

You can read the BBC article here

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