Day 431: Sing!

Today we're celebrating all those people who have kept on singing over the past year. The restrictions on singing as a choir have been a real challenge for many who enjoy the release, community, joy and creativity of singing in a group. But musicians and choir leaders have adapted, to ensure that those who love to sing can belt out a tune from their own living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

Opera North ran From Couch to Chorus, teaching hundreds of amateur singers how to sing opera, and creating sound tracks with the Opera North chorus that people at home could sing along to.

Composer and Choir Leader Verity Standen remotely recorded a beautiful new song Where do You Hide? with singers across the UK bellowing into their phones and laptops.

And our very own Horsecross Voices moved online, under the guidance of our Music Coordinator Emma Neck, and freelance artists Heather McLeod, Adelaide Carlow, Debra Salem, Louise Martin and Lora McLeod. The choir has been meeting regularly on Zoom to belt out a tune from homes across Perth and Kinross. If you fancy joining them, you still can! Sessions in this block run until 15 June, and a new block will be scheduled shortly.

We're exploring the possibilities of bringing people back together in person. Until then, keep singing!

For more information about singing with our Virtual Voices group, visit our website.

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