Day 426 - NYCOS - Fortune favours the brave

All right, I am biased. Since I last wrote about NYCOS in one of these blogs I have become its Chair and re-acquainted myself with just how special it is. Singing has been hit hardest of all the arts through COVID and yet somehow it has kept going as a vibrant musical and educational organisation. The 15 regional choirs have continued to meet online, and online National Choir courses have been successfully run. International demand for it training courses as soared. And yet - no singing. Until Monday this week! NYCOS had been in touch with the Government about guidelines and the minute Scotland moved down to level 2 Christopher Bell and NYCOS sprang into action. At 5.30 on Monday morning 30 NYCOS singers met on Calton Hill to rehearse, and by 7.55, not having sung together for 14 months, they were performing live on BBC Breakfast. They were certainly the first group to sing in Scotland and we think this may be true of the whole UK. To hear those young voices was a really emotional experience - let's hope that this is the beginning of a singing renaissance.

Follow the link through to hear NYCOS live again National Youth Choir of Scotland returns to singing | NYCOS

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