Day 423 - On Serendipity

It is sometimes amazing to see how the dots join up in life. The series of live concerts we have planned for 25-29 May with BBC Radio 3 were specifically designed to be as widely varied as possible. A song recital around 16th century texts, some mainstream piano trio chamber music, a recital by the sparkiest saxophonist of the day and a unique combination of marimba and piano don't at first sight have a lot in common. But it turns out that both Radio 3 and those of us at Perth Concert Hall were wrong and the gods of coincidence have aligned. As mentioned several hundred blogs ago Jess Gillam has her own Radio 3 Podcast - This Classical Life. As mentioned a few weeks ago Jess Dandy is one of the most exciting and articulate young singers of the day. And guess who Jess's guest is on her podcast this week! Ah, the first names - that explains it - a tale of two Js.

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