Day 418 - Scotland's National Opera Company

Scotland's national performing arts companies have all risen to the challenge of lockdown in different ways. None more than Scottish Opera, and the way they are looking to return to live performance of opera demonstrates this. They strained at the leash last summer and got going again as soon as regulations allowed in three ways. First they filmed a performance of Janacek's Diary of One who Disappeared for the Lammermuir Festival. They took over Theatre Royal Glasgow for a week and used it as a means to set up all the new COVID protocols in the building. They sent out a pop-up opera show all over Scotland to locations including the National Museum of Flight and Eden Court Theatre. And finally, before the clouds of pandemic rolled over again they performed La Boheme to an audience in a gazebo outside their headquarters in Glasgow. (Is a gazebo indoors or outdoors? Ask the licensing officer.) Through the winter they have produced a selection of beautifully filmed operas and recently they have announced 200 outdoor performances across Scotland. And, wait for it Verdi's Falstaff. In a world-class production by Sir David McVicar. Outdoors. They could have gone for a small, safe title, but no, Falstaff with its massive cast and chorus it is. Fortune favours the brave!

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