Day 417 - Snap Elastic filming in Perth Theatre

During this period of closure we have continued to create work and support other companies to make work. This past week we have had new Scottish theatre company Snap Elastic working in the theatre, finalising their show Eat Me. The story and production has been devised by Eszter Marsalko, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby with Ian Cameron, the show's text is written by Perthshire local Luke Sutherland.

EAT ME is a luscious, incendiary theatre show about unconventional love, chaos, control and the shifting complexities of power. EAT ME has been made in association with Curious Seed, and with support from Perth Theatre, Macrobert Arts Centre, Figurteatret i Nordland and Creative Scotland.

A Snap - Elastic Production in association with Curious Seed Originally conceived by Eszter Marsalko, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby Devised and Performed by Ian Cameron, Isy Sharman and Claire Eliza Willoughby Choreographer - Christine Devaney / Costume Designer - Annie Hiner / Director - Eszter Marsalko / Director of Photography - Conor O'Toole / Fight Director - EmmaClaire Brightlyn / Lighting Designer - Simon Hayes / Production Manager - Sian MacGregor & Emma Jones / Set Designer - Anna Orton / Sound Designer - Matthew Collings / Stage Manager - Craig McNeill / Videographer - Rob Jones / Writer - Luke Sutherland Dramaturgical support from Caitlin Skinner

Performers: Claire Eliza Willoughby and Ian Cameron.

To find out more about Snap Elasic click here.

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