Day 409 - A rare bird - Jess Dandy is a real contralto

The world is full of sopranos, tenors, mezzos and baritones. Basses are somewhat hard to find, but real contraltos are very hard to find. Even more those who can sing richly in a low register without turning into a caricature of Dame Clara Butt. Kathleen Ferrier was the greatest of them all and the late and much lamented Alfreda Hodgson was another wonderful singer of this type. The problem is that rich low voices tend to spread into uncontrolled vibrato. Now there is another major contralto in prospect. Jess Dandy is near the beginning of what will certainly be a major international career but already good judges think this is a real star in the making. Those of you who watched the Dunedin Consort Matthew Passion online will have seen and heard a performance of 'erbarme dich' as near perfection as one is likely to hear. She also has a fascinating project - Songpath, which links walking and singing to enhanced mental health. How great would it be if we had the chance to hear this wonderful singer live in Perth in the near future ... ?

Here are the videos on Jess's website. Check them out, this is a star in the making!

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