Day 405 - My Pet Rocket & The Pop Project: Streetwalking

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

This video was shot in Perth during lockdown by local artist My Pet Rocket for a fantastic song she wrote and recorded in LA with friends back in the 90's.

The Pop Project was a studio band which I formed in Los Angeles in the late 90’s. We were a bunch of friends who were all doing different musical things and living different musical lives.

Bernard (music) and chris (drums), were friends who jammed together, and Sargon (bass) and Josh (keys, engineer) were friends who were in a band called Plastic Machine. Bevin was also writing prolifically and producing. I was playing my songs in the open mic coffee shops and jamming with Plastic Machine. Fun times!

Bernard suggested he and I write some songs together. We really enjoyed the tunes and so decided to record a four song EP. I asked Josh, Sargon and Bevin to be part of it. Josh worked as in-house engineer at Ton Recording Facilities which was a cool little studio, in a beautiful old art deco building on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. So that was the obvious place to record it.

We recorded the tune onto two-inch tape and the guys thought a mellotron would be fun, so we hired one for the session. We hung out for a few days with the aim to make the poppiest of poppy tunes.

This song, Streetwalking, takes me back to the time I used to cruise along the wide LA sidewalks on my pushbike…shades on…and this is where I am when I hear this tune…I hope when you hear it, it takes you to a sunny place too.

If you check out the My Pet Rocket youtube channel, you will see the first tune from the EP, The Not So Happy Song, accompanied by a fun video edited by Bill Ross Japan.

I really enjoy making new videos for these old tunes and there are two more songs from the EP which I intend to make videos for in the future.

.…love …. My Pet Rocket xxxx

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