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Day 402 - And might there be concerts?

We were very chuffed at Ken Walton's review of our Easter Music Festival (still onsale here) in the Scotsman. But, as he says, it was only online. However ... 17 May is a key date both in England and now North of the Border as live indoor performance (all going well) will be allowed from that date. Various organisations have shot out of the starting gate and put live shows on the market. I have already mentioned the Bath Festival, but Norfolk and Norwich Festival is also aiming for 17 May and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, as always the most dynamic of the English orchestras, has announced Wednesday concerts from 17 May (that date again) through to 7 July, and there may be a live BBC Proms Season. North of the Border bullish noises are also being made. St Magnus Festival in Orkney is considering putting seats for live events in June on sale at the end of May and East Neuk Festival is considering moving some of its online festival to live in July. Paxton has been even more up front, putting its July Festival on sale and the Edinburgh International Festival is promising high quality live events in fabulous outdoor venues. The mid-September Lammermuur Festival hopes to be able to present in something approaching normality.(please, oh please!). But hey! - who knows? And what, you may ask, of Perth Concert Hall? Well, without allowing any felines to escape their confined spaces or indeed tallying any poultry there are various facts which are relevant. We have a very close relationship with BBC Radio 3. They are considering a week of broadcasts focused on Perth in their Scottish week in the week of 24 May. And 24 May is after 17 May. Watch this space ...

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