Day 397 - A new concert hall for the SCO and Edinburgh

Concert Halls are long in the building. The St Andrew's Hall in Glasgow burned down in 1962 and was replaced by the new Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in 1990. This is as nothing compared to the gestation of a hall as a fitting home for the SCO in Edinburgh. The Dunard Centre will open in 2023 and 2024 but the search for a new home for the SCO goes back to 1988. I know because I was at the first meeting to begin to source a venue worthy of what was fast becoming a major international orchestra. The Queen's Hall had opened in 1977 as a home for the SCO and the then Scottish Baroque Ensemble. It is one of the world's great chamber and recitals venues as can be see from its focal role at the Edinburgh International Festival each year; but it is simply too small to provide an adequate acoustic for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra at full bore and, quite frankly, it isn't very comfortable. So after a very long search the SCO has found a site between the Royal Bank of Scotland in St Andrew Square and the newly rebuilt St James's Centre to build its dream home. Named after the Dunard Fund who are huge supporters of the arts in Scotland the hall will be built by architects Chipperfield. Scotland's world-class chamber orchestra will now have a truly world class home.

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