Day 390 - The Bath Festival - how brave are they?!

Part of my life is undertaking the classical programming for the Bath Festival. Founded in 1948 it has a remarkable pedigree, perhaps most celebrated for the time when Yehudi Menuhin was artistic director but Michael Tippett, Joanna MacGregor, and Sir Thomas Beecham were also closely associated. The festival was knocked flat by COVID last year. The last event of any kind I went to last year was the festival launch on 11 March. Cue the winter which all arts organisations recognise of cancellation, reschedule and a desperate attempt to survive. And then a small spark of light: the English Government offer the tentative possibility of socially distanced events from 17 May. And what does the Bath Festival do? It plans a 40 events festival starting that day and puts it on sale for both live and online performances. On the classical side it includes the relaunch of the Bath Festival Orchestra a complete Beethoven String Quartet cycle by the Heath and Carducci Quartets (a year late but hey, the music is still pretty good), and an amazing opportunity to hear the Gesualdo 6 in the Roman Baths. It is this drive and appetite for risk-taking which animates the best arts organisations.

Good luck to them.

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