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Day 39 - For the Love of Scrubs!

'NHS Scotland - For the Love of Scrubs' was created by Mirka and Maja Jankowska of Mirka Bridal Couture after discovering, through a larger UK Facebook group, there was a shortage of scrubs in the NHS. 

Cate Mackie, Head of Costume Dundee Rep, is coordinating a group of dress-makers across Perth and Kinross and Tayside to help deliver scrubs to NHS workers in Tayside. 

''Two weeks ago we had a request for 5000 sets of scrubs for NHS Tayside from their Central Decontamination Unit. We have also had requests from smaller hospitals, GPs and Care Homes. Since then 800 hundred metres of fabric has exchanged hands and scrubs have been started (and a lot finished too!).  There is currently another 1200 metres of fabric on order just for us. I've already handed over about 80 sets of scrubs to NHS Tayside so far and there are 590 sets currently being produced for Tayside by us. This is all before the 1200m arrives!' Cate Mackie.

Louise Robertson, our Head of Costume at Perth Theatre, is on board and helping out. Colleagues who regularly work with us in the costume department, on Perth Theatre productions, have also joined the campaign. Louise has just completed her 2nd batch of scrubs ready for this weekend.

Louise said: 'I am able to generate approx 10 tunics and 9 trousers from one bale of fabric which takes about 40 hours to produce.  I treat it like my work and start at 9am and finish by 5. Taking lunch and breaks throughout the day.' 

If you want to know more, or you're a dressmaker who wants to get involved, then get in touch!


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