Day 387 - Moishe's Bagel: Give Me A Lift To Tsfat/Odessa Bulgar

Some thrillingly original cutting-edge Jewish klezmer music from the brilliant Moishe's Bagel. Recorded in Perth Theatre's Joan Knight Studio for Showcase Scotland Expo's The Visit in 2018, the event brought some of Scotland's finest traditional and acoustic artists to Perth to perform for promoters, agents and festival organisers from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.

Moishe's Bagel play an intoxicating, life-affirming mix of Eastern European dance music, Middle Eastern rhythms and virtuoso performances. Combining the energy and passion of world folk music with the excitement and soul of improvisation, the band will draw you in, turn you inside out, and leave you smiling uncontrollably – all in the space of one tune.

Moishe’s Bagel are:

Phil Alexander | piano, accordion Greg Lawson | violin, mandolin Pete Garnett | accordion Mario Caribé | bass, cavaquinho Guy Nicolson | percussion

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