Day 375: Life in the Time

When Covid-19 came to our shores, we all battled the same storm. But we were not in the same boat.

Amina MWRC has worked with Muslim, Black and minority ethnic (BME) women in Scotland for more than two decades. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they witnessed the impact it was having on women's resilience and strength; imprinting an indelible mark on their psyche.

Life in the Time brought over 100 Muslim, BME women together with artist facilitators Annie George, Katherine MacKinnon and Raman Mundair to connect, reflect and create poetry, films and visual artworks exploring their experiences.

The exhibtion is an urgent call to action to address the lack of support for marginalised and socially excluded women. A reflection on the past, an acknowledgement of our present and a message for the future. “We were not voiceless, it’s just no one was listening.”

Perth Concert Hall and Perth Theatre are proud to be among the partner venues for the tour of the virtual Life in the Time exhibition.

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