Day 374 - Welcome to Perth Concert Hall - The Matthew Passion returns

I had the unbelievable experience of standing in Mill Street, looking at a camera and saying' 'welcome to Perth Concert Hall'. The last live classical performance presented in the hall was Madam Butterfly on 6 March 2020. But yesterday we streamed our filmed performance of the greatest Easter piece of them all. I wrote a blog on Bach's St Matthew Passion last year and I won't go over old ground. But the moment on Thursday afternoon when John Butt called for silence and the Dunedin Consort began to rehearse simply made me cry. The music is just too good. The sheer beauty and richness of the sound in the hall overwhelmed. And the performers - simply the best there are in this repertoire with its two orchestras and two choirs. And our wonderful technical team setting up the 7 cameras and complicated sound rig to make this happen. Fantastic team work! It all felt so uplifting and perhaps a sign forward to what we hope will be a much better future. Music can often express emotions too deep for words. No work has a greater impact than the Matthew Passion and this project seemed to express everything that is special about live performance and the teams which bring it about.

The Matthew Passion is available via the website until 25 April

Michael Chance sings 'erbarme dich' from the Matthew Passion here

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