Day 358 - Scottish Youth Theatre Online Festival

Scottish Youth Theatre is delighted to bring you the 2021 Making Space Online Festival; a network of innovative digital performances and virtual events intersecting theatre and the internet – running from 18th-20th March. Coming to the end of their 3-month residency with Scottish Youth Theatre, 21 young artists (working as solo, duo, trio and new collaborator practitioners) question the digital realm and their identities within it, through gaming, storytelling, e-performance and interactive media.

The Making Space festival is built on provocation. We invite you to pivot between the margins of the live and the pre-recorded, witness premiere moments, experience work at your own pace and, most of all, enjoy what these exciting young artists have to offer.

To participate over the three days, all attendees require a festival pass, which grants them access to the online platform, live performances, panel discussions and virtual networking events. You can register for a ticket via the festival Eventbrite here (please note limited availability). All tickets are free, and you can also sign up to receive the official Making Space printed zine.

Scottish Youth Theatre is part of the Green Arts Initiative and recognises its role in cre- ating and maintaining an environmentally sustainable practice. All materials used to produce the zine are responsibly sourced, as well as packaging for delivery. Please re- cycle where you can.

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