Day 340: Wanderings Podcast

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Wanderings is a new podcast by actor and theatre maker Amy Conway. The six part series explores loneliness and being alone, and is designed to be listened to while on a walk.

"And so, newly single, freshly alone, but greeting that lonely feeling like an old friend, I found myself making a podcast during lockdown about loneliness. It began with walking, moving through the streets and parks of my local area; the only outdoor activity we were permitted. And then recording my own voice as I walked. These voice notes were messages in a bottle cast into an ocean of disconnection, filled with hope that they may find land, another castaway perhaps also reaching outwards.

Soon after we were allowed to meet others outside and so I was finally able to have a friend by my side as I walked the same paths, pavements and parks again and again. I have always loved walking but walking with friends during lockdown gave me a new appreciation for companionship. Gone are the distractions of the old normal: food, drinks, activity, gossip. Often there is very little to catch up on, neither walker has done much since last you spoke. The silence that is left can be uncomfortable at first, but it can also lead somewhere wonderful. When that silence is broken it is because there is nothing left to talk about but our real experience: How are you doing? How are you coping? What are you feeling in the midst of these “strange and unprecedented” times? What is truly important to you?

I found my walking conversations were the highlight of my weeks in 2020. And so I based my podcast episodes around them. 'Wanderings: an audio companion for those who walk alone' is a series of six episodes centering around six different walking conversations. These conversations started as a way to explore loneliness and unpack this complex and universal emotion and ended as a celebration of unexpected connection. The connection with those whose company I enjoyed on said walks; the connection with nature and my community, always vibrant and throbbing with life, even during a global pandemic, and the connection with a community beyond my immediate surroundings, one that mainly existed in my head, knowing that there were others out there that felt lonely and longed for meaningful connections with others, knowing that we were enduring hardship together."

You can listen to 'Wanderings: an audio companion for those who walk alone' on Soundcloud and on Spotify.

Conceived, Recorded & Edited by Amy Conway.

Produced by Stephanie Katie Hunter.

Music by Jamie Cook.

Additional Editing & Sound Design by Tessa Flannery.

Graphic Design by Sean McGonigal.

Wanderings is part of Incubation, a collaboration with Producer Stephanie Katie Hunter.

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