Day 338 - The Murder Of King James 1 In Perth: Bruce Fummey

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the murder of King James 1 in Perth in 1437. Scottish history expert Bruce Fummey explores the background and buildup to this grisly regicide with his trademark combination of deep knowledge and ready humour.

Perth and Stewart Kings: In 1437 James I of Scotland was murdered. Why, and who killed him? Scottish history tour guide, Bruce Fummey, takes you round his home town to explain it's significance in the context of the Royal murder of King James I, Scottish history and international politics in the 15th Century.

Music on the video is from Perth artists Jim Malcolm and Wang Dang Delta.

Wang Dang Delta recordings are available via Amazon and Apple Music. Lead singer and songwriter Ian McLaren’s Lockdown Tunes can be found here.

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