Day 33 - An Actor's Choice No. 4

Updated: May 10, 2020

Continuing our thread of actors we love, talking about plays they love...

This is Dundee Rep Ensemble's luminous Emily Winter talking about Aphra Benn's The Rover. A really interesting choice for many reasons as you shall see!

Not to be trifled with Aphra Benn - born in obscurity she managed to get herself noticed in the Court of Charles II, who employed her as a spy for him. Virginia Woolf credits Benn as being the figure who earned women 'the right to speak (and write!) their minds'.

Aphra Benn brilliantly credits the prologue to The Rover as being written by 'A Person of Quality' (herself).

And this is Helena's speech.

Emily Winter

Emily Winter has been a member of Dundee Rep Ensemble for over twenty years. Some of her favourite shows have been: Cabaret, Flora the Red Menace, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sweeney Todd, Titus Andronicus, Love Song and August, Osage County. 

Emily also likes to direct and to write.

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