Day 325 -The UriPosterJukeBox

What is that I hear you cry! It is the amazing project which pianist Tom Poster and his wife violinist Elena Urioste undertook to get through the first lockdown. Elena was in the USA and Tom fled the UK in March last year just in time to lock down together. What to do? They did something extraordinary. They produced a short online concert every day ranging from arrangements of songs from the Great American Songbook to a new composition written specially for them by Mark Simpson. Perhaps the most eccentric of the lot was when between them they managed to multitrack a performance of the last movement of Bach's 4th Brandenburg Concerto with Tom playing cello and both recorder parts and Elena playing violin and viola. They did this on 88 consecutive days and as a result won a special Royal Philharmonic Society Inspiration award. The recordings are all available here. They are wonderful performers and endearing people - do spend some time in their company.

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