Day 324 - Rana Marathon: Wee Bit Cooncil

A raw, authentic and often hilarious voice in our community, Perth spoken word and hip hop artist Rana Marathon releases her long-overdue debut album Wee Bit Cooncil today.

*Contains strong language, suitable for 16 +

"I started writing poetry when I was in St Ninians Primary School but took it to an open mic 3 years ago where I met Max Scratchman, who has also done my artwork for the album. He asked me to join his poetry circus and has taken me to many stages around Scotland to perform my work including the Edinburgh Festival. I met loads of amazing people and discovered a massive underground scene for Scottish hip hop and spoken word. I decided to bring it all to Perth with my Blend In - Stand Out nights at Blend coffee shop, which have been a great success. I have also done some work with Recovery Connects and Making Recovery Visible with Donna Boyd at Homegrown Always Best in Glasgow and was part of Shay D's first All Female hip hop UK tour.

I have been working with Andy MacFarlane at Macapella Productions for a few years now and thought it was time to put all my work together in one place. It's not very common to have an album with spoken word and music together so I wanted to do something a bit different and to represent the lingo that I've grown up with here in Perth. I've kept it fully Scottish, trying to capture the female working class perspective expressed with a real rawness when so much is filtered and sugar coated these days. I have had the privilege of collaborating with Mog and Jamie Harvie on the album too - 2 of my favourite Scottish hip hop artists, which makes it even more special."

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