• Andy Shearer

Day 323 - Ar Dreach-tìre Gàidhlig: Our Gaelic Landscape

Led by Scottish traditonal culture organisation Hands Up For Trad, Fri 5th Feb has been designated Say A Gaelic Phrase Day/#làbairtnagàidhlig. Their page has a great audio playlist of simple phrases for you to try out.

It's also the perfect day to share this brand-new video from Perth & Kinross Council in collaboration with Ross Cunningham from Mountains Mend Minds and MidgieBite Media. Whether you’re out hiking in the hills, bagging one of our many Munros or taking a walk around your local area, Gaelic can be found in place-names all over Perth and Kinross.

Perth & Kinross Council has always been actively involved in supporting Gaelic language and culture, recognising Gaelic as an integral part of our heritage. As a local authority which serves a diverse range of cultures, we are committed to developing and supporting our Gaelic-speaking population as well as encouraging new learners. As part of our Gaelic in The Community project funded by Bord na Gàidhlig we set out to provide opportunities for people to explore Gaelic in the landscape. In collaboration with Mountains Mend Minds and Midgiebite Media we are delighted to share this new video showcasing just some of Perth and Kinross’s Gaelic Landscape.

The soundtrack produced by local musicians Aileen Ogilvie and Dave Macfarlane features songs from the rich Gaelic heritage of Perthshire.

#SayAGaelicPhraseDay #Cleachdi #ScotlandLovesLanguagesWeek #làbairtnagàidhlig

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