Day 320 - Clemency Burton-Hill, a study in courage

In a blog last year I wrote about Clemency Burton-Hill and her excellent podcasts. She is ludicrously talented - a violinist from the Menuhin School, a brilliant broadcaster and interviewer. She wrote a terrific book 'A Year of Wonder' which offers 366 musical tracks with a commentary on each to offer a way into a new world of music. She has two young children, a high flying diplomat husband and a wonderful job programming classical music for Public Radio in New York. I had lunch with her there in December 2019 discussing possible future projects. I didn't hear from her for a bit, but she is incredibly busy and I thought nothing of it. Until in August the news broke that she had had a catastrophic brain haemorrhage in January 2020 which necessitated removing a large part of her skull. She couldn't speak or move and then proceeded to get coronavirus. And yet... Through extraordinary strength of character she has fought her way back to speaking and moving and she gave a deeply moving interview on Woman's Hour last month which is utterly compelling. I cried a lot.

Have a listen

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