Day 303 - Ali Pibworth: I Don't Need Him Anymore

Check out this fantastic new track from Perth artist Ali Pibworth released in advance of her eagerly anticipated debut album on new local label Ronatone Records. This song and the equally excellent Redemption Day are available now to download on Bandcamp.

Ali Pibworth is one of the more colourful characters of the Perthshire live music scene – whether as performer, teacher, inspirational leader of the DIY Rock Shop youth music project, or noted bon viveur, she's a thoroughly modern renaissance woman. As a Southern Fried enthusiast and mainstay, she’s played the Theatre and Concert Hall in many different combos but is now finally stepping in into the spotlight as a hugely talented solo artist.

"Taken from her forthcoming Ronatone debut album Pibworth Hates You (early summer CD and download), there's no need to write supporting notes or background for Pibworth's songs, the songs tell the story - sometimes vulnerable, sometimes jubilant, but always intelligent and engaging - this is soul music in the truest sense, a record of joie de vivre on overdrive at its most colourful, committed and chaotic."

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