Day 302 - The Approach Live Broadcast

Produced by St. Ann's Warehouse New York with the brilliant Landmark Productions, who are behind so many of Enda Walsh's productions.

Utterly riveting and engrossing, Mark O’Rowe’s enigmatic play reveals a profound truth about relationships. Three conversations draw us into the inner lives of Anna, Cora and Denise. What will they reveal to each other? And what does each of them have to hide?"It takes a crisis of some sort sometimes, or an upheaval, for people to really evaluate how they feel about one another, doesn’t it?" The Approach is an exploration of betrayal and an appeal to listen before it’s too late.

JAN 21 | 2:30pm EST JAN 23 | 2:30pm EST** JAN 24 | 4pm EST ON DEMAND: JAN 25–31

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