Day 294 - The Haunting of Alice Bowles

From Original Theatre Company who bought The Croft to Perth Theatre in early 2020.

1918. The recently widowed Alice Bowles is left destitute as she seeks to solve a mystery left by her late husband Francis.

2020. YouTube urban explorers Matt and Caitlin uncover a mysterious grave in an abandoned churchyard. What starts as harmless entertainment soon turns darker when their discovery begins to unwrap a mystery which has laid dormant for over a century.

But some things are better left for dead.

Starring Tamzin Outhwaite (EastEnders), Max Bowden (EastEnders) and Stephen Boxer (The Crown) with Jack Archer (Monogamy), Alexandra Guelff (The Habit of Art), Robert Mountford (The Habit of Art), Poppy Roe (Apollo 13: The Dark Side of the Moon) and Tim Treloar (Birdsong Online).

Streaming until Sunday 28 February.

To find out more and buy tickets click here.

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