Day 278 - Crowd Fund The Twa Tams

An absolutely crucial part of the local music scene, Perth's beloved, award-winning grassroots venue, The Twa Tams is struggling to survive the effects of Covid and its attendant restrictions on the performing arts. If you value live music and are able to make a contribution, we'd urge you to support their crowdfunder campaign here and/or their Christmas Eve and Hogmanay online fundraising shows.

"As we continue through an extended period of hospitality closures, the future of The Twa Tams, the pub sector and that of live music is once again cast into doubt.

The Twa Tams is more than a venue; it is a grassroots community filled with passionate staff, musicians from all genres, songwriters, sound engineers, promoters and the locals that keep the community alive. It's a place where musicians start out their careers, experimenting whilst honing their craft on stage. One night college students will be playing their exam gigs, the next can be a charting band. Established musicians regularly frequent the crowd as well as the stage, helping craft exciting new sounds and precious memories. This has been The Twa Tams’ way of life since it’s establishment in 1975.

In 2019 the staff worked incredibly hard and secured the title of Scottish Bar Of The Year. We started 2020 by having over 70 bands play throughout January. We were then nominated for Best Scottish Gastro Pub & Scotland's Independent Bar Of The Year, and then... we had to close for lockdown.

Since then we have closed and reopened several times. Even our new, socially distanced format at less than a third of capacity is impossible to sustain long term. The venue continues to lose tens of thousands per month off the back of incalculable losses throughout lockdown.

The Twa Tams is an expensive endeavour and whilst we received grant money from Creative Scotland in October to keep us going till November, that money has now gone. To compound our issues, we haven’t had access to any Bounce Back Loans or the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.

We need to rely on our local community more than ever now and The Twa Tams needs your help! By donating to the venue you’ll help us survive the uncertain times ahead and also get access to some really cool online streamed events.

Donate and join us on Christmas Eve & Hogmanay for our Festive online gigs

Please give generously, so that we can keep our community alive."

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