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Day 277: Irene McFarlane's The Nicht Afore Christmas

Updated: Feb 19

Faither Yuletide is on his annual journey round the world and has just arrived over Scotland. One dad is in for a big surprise!

'A Visit from St.Nicholas’ by Clement Clarke Moore has been imaginatively translated into Scots by Irene McFarlane.

Irene (better known to some as Mrs McFarlane, or Miss Russell) has worked as a teacher in Perthshire for over 40 years; sharing her passion for poetry and performance with many a pupil. Irene has also graced the Perth Theatre stage as a member of the 306: Dusk community choir.

Her first book is beautifully illustrated by Rosemary Cunninngham; and published by Tippermuir books (founded and run by two Perth High teachers).

After a challenging year, it is beyond doubt that Perthshire teachers are a talented bunch. Thank you all.

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