Day 260 - Watch a live-sharing of Unlimited's new show

Unlimited Theatre are currently redeveloping their show The Ethics of Progress. If you want to see theatre making in action you can watch their sharing at 3pm today!

Back in 2007, Unlimited Theatre produced The Ethics of Progress - a mind-melting, jargon-free, whistle-stop tour of leading-edge Quantum Physics - the physics that explains how everything in the world works. In it, Unlimited's Artistic Director Jon Spooner told the story of how his understanding of the world and everything in it was radically altered by conversations with Professor Vlatko Vedral, Professor of Quantum Information at Oxford University. It was a great success, touring for 5 years across the UK and to South Africa and Singapore.

Now, in 2020, Jon has been invited to rejoin Vlatko and his colleague Chiara Marletto at Oxford University’s Wolfson College as a Visiting Scholar. His task – to help tell the story of their work with the Quantum Hub as they try to unify the Classical and Quantum worlds in a “Theory of Everything”.

If you would like to join the live-stream click here.

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