Day 257 - Blue Rose Code featuring Karine Polwart: (I Wish You) Peace In Your Heart

On the first day of December, our good friend Blue Rose Code gives us the perfect seasonal song for this most extraordinary year, aided by the wonderful Karine Polwart. It's also the first featured song in Showcase Scotland's musical advent calendar featuring Scottish artists, which we'd encourage you to follow throughout the month.

A nomad, both geographically and musically, songwriter Ross Wilson aka Blue Rose Code writes straight from – and to - the heart. His work addresses universal themes of love, loss, travel, home, accepting the past and embracing the future in a deeply personal way. They are variously painted with the vibrant colours of folk, Americana, jazz, country, soul, pop and, increasingly, celtic traditions; an eclecticism that has become a hallmark of his work and which has seen him compared to John Martyn, Van Morrison and Tom Waits amongst others.

His latest, and long-awaited, album With Healings Of The Deepest Kind was released in July 2020. Self-produced for the first time, and taking his emotional honesty to new levels, it’s the most fully realised rendition of his singular vision to date. Reaction and reviews for the record have been overwhelmingly positive, being named Record Of Note on Roddy Hart's BBC Radio Scotland show and Album Of The Week by Tom Dunne on Newstalk FM in Ireland.

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